The Sauces

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The original Sweet & Sassy was created to honor Billy Marshall, the father of Kimberlee Foy, founder of Hoosier Daddy Barbecue Sauce. Kimberlee has taken her father's creation and has brought it to you. We are sure you will enjoy Sweet & Sassy, as well as, our other new and exciting flavors.


Hot off the grill is the Smokehouse Hickory With a Twist of Lime. Its unique flavor has just the right combinations of the Sweet and Sassy, but with a twist of lime. Whether you are in the mood for chicken or ribs, this perfect hint of lime will add the fiesta you need to your dish.


Featuring the Ghost Pepper (bhut jolokia) from India. It's a flame throwing hot barbecue sauce, that can wake the dead, and make you howl. Hot enough to bring a grown ghoul to tears, so prepare your tongue and let go of your fears.


Our Story

This story with the mastermind behind the secret family recipe, William Marshall. It was Marshall who over the years developed this mouth-watering recipe. The entire family grew up on it and it was a staple at every family gathering. Marshall's daughter Kim Foy, was usually at her dad's side sharing in the making of the hit sauce. Marshall unfortunately fell ill and passed in September of 2007

Kim continued making the sauce for family and friends but soon found herself overwhelmed with requests. Feeling inspired, Kim along with her husband and business partner Dave, with a continued effort in using the sauce as a means to honor her father launched the William Clinton Marshall Foundation. Portions of all proceeds are being divided among multiple charities including organizations funding research for the diseases that claimed the lives of her father and brother.

"Obey Your Tastebuds!"


While in Dallas in January 2012 at the KEHE food show I cam across a booth sampling Hoosier Daddy BBQ Sauce and they asked me to taste their BBQ sauce. Well, in one word it was Amazing! The sauce was rich in Flavor and not too sweet. I had to keep coming back for more!

Darryl Fletcher, Corporate Chef

Hoosier Daddy Deathly Hot Ghost Roast Barbecue Sauce is tasty but HOT. It's truly a hybrid (BBQ/mustard) sauce for Chileheads! The core taste of this sauce is very similar to Hoosier Daddy's Classic BBQ Sauce which I reviewed awhile back. Except this variety can burn your face off. Sure, the flavor is nice - the mustard and BBQ sauce flavors will dance together and share a moment of bliss on your tongue for about half a second when all of a sudden BAMMM - the bonfire starts to blaze!

Online Review,

The [Sweet & Sassy's] tomato/mustard blend was nicely executed, each bite was half traditional BBQ sauce flavor and half mustard BBQ sauce flavor... each bite was a little bit one way or the other, making it fun to eat... If you are looking for a nice hybrid sauce - or maybe looking for a first mustard sauce to ease into, this could certainly be the sauce for you.

Online Review,


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